The Challenge

Wall Colmonoy is a globally renowned materials engineering group, known for ‘Making Metals Work Harder Since 1938’. Wall Colmonoy values collaboration and takes pride in their work and employees, values which they leveraged when they chose to renovate their world headquarters located in Madison Heights, Michigan.  ISCG was delighted to help. The organization wanted to maximize the capabilities of their current space and promote collaboration and productivity among their team. ISCG assisted Wall Colmonoy in the design process by facilitating a programming phase in which we gathered information from employees and presented our findings to the leadership team. This programming phase was instrumental in helping determine what solutions would work best at Wall Colmonoy.


  • Additional space for group collaboration

  • Improved furniture configurations to reflect grouping departments into ‘pods’ of desks

  • Multi-purpose areas to make best use of space

  • Ergonomic products to improve employee productivity and health

  • New lighting system to improve open office conditions

  • Incorporate company’s brand

Design Solutions

  • New furniture layouts encourage collaboration between and within teams.

  • Relocating the kitchen allowed for a larger, multi-use café and the addition of a new conference room.

  • File island doubles as both storage and collaboration area.

  • Ergonomic products such as standing desks and task chairs encourage health, safety and productivity.

  • Changing from fluorescent lights to LED provided not only a more efficient and sustainable solution, but also better for employees. Studies have shown that switching to LED can cause an increase in visual and cognitive tasks by 8.3% with increased attention and focus and reduced fatigue and depression.

  • Incorporating more color within the space to better fit their global brand.

  • Low panels help foster productivity within teams while also permitting natural light to flow throughout the office

  • Storage room wall was relocated to allow for a continuous flow of desk placement and walkways throughout the space

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