The Challenge

Truven Health Analytics, a healthcare data company, moved to a new building to create a new home for 600+ employees. Being a leader in the health analytics industry, Truven wanted their space to be beneficial to the health and wellness of their employees. Their focus was on an open environment with natural lighting, privacy for meetings, collaboration areas, and comfortable, ergonomic stations for all employees.

Design Solutions

  • Glass walls – allow for an open environment and natural light, but still provide privacy for phone calls and meetings
  • Low panel stations – allow for easy collaboration and daylight views
  • Phone rooms – provide a place to make a private phone call or to execute a heads down task
  • Soft seating – scattered throughout the open environment encourages informal, comfortable meetings
  • Standing height tables in open cafés – provide places to stand while working
  • Glass front private offices – break down barriers and create a more relaxed and approachable environment
  • Conference rooms – ensure that quiet and private spaces are always an option for meetings and private discussions

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