Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450-$550 billion each year in lost productivity

Keep your employees engaged and productive with a new task chair.

Organizations that improve the safety and health of workers can decrease OSHA complaints,

reduce a company's costs and help attract and retain workers!

A few of our seating options include:


The Haworth Fern

The Fern offers a full complement of ergonomic adjustment that are easy to find, reach and use. The ability to fine-tine for comfort and fit is especially important for longer-term, focused work. 

The Fern was designed to accommodate 5th percentile female to 95th percentile male. 

Learn how to adjust your Fern chair here.


The Haworth Zody

The only chair to to certified by the American Physical Therapy Association; the Zody boasts a Patented Asymmetrical Lumbar (PAL) Support which features passive pelvic support. PAL allows users to select the amount of support on either side of their lower back for maximum comfort. 

The Zody can accommodate 95% of the user population.  

Learn how to adjust your Zody chair here.


The Haworth Very

The Very task chair is lives up to its motto of "Very Versatile"; available types include task, conference, seminar, side, and stacking. 

Sustainability important to you? The Very is GREENGUARD and BIFMA Level 3 certified, includes 65% recycled content and is up to 98% recyclable. 

Learn how to adjust your Very chair here.




Learn more about the countless other seating option we can provide. 

All seating is fully customizable to fit your design.

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