So you're in the market for office furniture and want to save a bit of money and buy used, well let us tell you why buying new could actually save you money. 

State-Of-The-Art Ergonomic Technology

Manufacturers are constantly conducting research for the best ergonomic practices. Even if a chair has been around for years like the Haworth Zody; it's gone through modifications to ensure it has the best features technology has to offer. When purchasing used furniture you're purchasing used technology; why would you want to sit on a chair equivalent of an iPhone 4 when you can have an IPhoneX?

A Better Warranty 

Most, if not all, furniture pieces come with some form of warranty attached. You could be buying furniture that is not under any sort of warranty and if it should break you're stuck trying to find, buy and install the pieces or just scrapping the whole item and buying another one. This can be more costly in the long run over just buying new in the first place. Haworth chairs come with a 12-Year, 24/7 warranty which includes parts and labor. If you purchase a Haworth chair from us, and in seven years something breaks, we'll come out and fix it for you for no charge. 

Hello, Tax Deduction!

New office furniture is considered a business expense thus you can claim it on your taxes. Ask your tax professional for more information. 

Up-To-Date Design Trends

Buying new allows you to utilize the newest trends in fabric and colors to give your space a contemporary feel that will surely help you attract and retain some great talent. Your team will feel connected because you're investing in their well-being, and your customers will see a space that reflects your brand leaving them with a more memorable and meaningful experience. 

No Sticker Shock

You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of new furniture, especially when considering new warranty's and custom colors/finishes. Your organization may even qualify for special contract pricing. Give us a call to learn more or schedule a no-hassle design consultation now