The Challenge

Innovative Learning Group (ILG) creates custom training and tools to help employees do their jobs more effectively. ISCG and ILG have been partners since 2005, and in 2015, Owner and CEO Lisa Toenniges approached ISCG to partner with Todd Young, Principal Architect, Young & Young Architects and Melody Smith, Interior Decorator, to renovate a newly purchased building in Troy, Michigan. Lisa wanted the new, larger space to better reflect ILG's brand and company culture. ISCG was tasked with creating a layout for the workstations and private offices, and also provided the furniture, demountable walls, floor covering, floor plans, and renderings, per the design outlined by Young & Young Architects and Melody Smith.  

Design Solutions

  • Haworth Enclose Demountable Walls
  • Haworth Compose Systems
  • Haworth Very, Hello, Improv and Collaborate Seating
  • Haworth Planes Tables
  • Bernhardt Code Seating
  • Kimball Alumma Seating
  • Krug C5 Seating
  • Interface Urban Retreat Carpet Tiles

The end result is a sophisticated, high-performance, functional space for ILG's employees and clients that perfectly reflects the company's brand and culture. The space includes a blend of private offices for thought leaders to work quietly, and numerous high-tech conference areas for group strategizing and development. In 2016, ILG earned a Best of Troy Award from the Troy Chamber, which recognizes completed projects that best exemplify financial investment and aesthetic enhancement within the city of Troy.

This is our third and largest project with ISCG over the last decade. We really like the Haworth product, and we are thrilled with how our space turned out.
— Lisa Toenniges, Owner and CEO, Innovative Learning Group


  • Architect: Young & Young Architects
  • Interior Decorator: Melody Smith
  • Furniture and Interior Design Consulting: ISCG



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