Top 8 design trends you can expect to see in 2017

Nothing inspires the design community more than the up-and-coming trends of the new year. Take a look at what will be popular in 2017!

1.       The Pantone color of the year: Greenery

Every year Pantone selects a color that will steal the year. “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.” (Pantone)

2.       The use of modern furniture

For all the mid-century modern fans of the world, no worries – the 1960s furniture lines will still be trending in 2017! You’ll see sleek, low sofas, and materials that are a nod to the past, but still have a modern-day feel. (Interior Logic)

3.       Terracotta tiles

When you think of Terracotta tiles, you may think of dated borders commonly used both indoors and outdoors. Well, a designer decided to use them for a feature wall, and the design world loved it! Terracotta tiles will bring warmth to spaces and replace the current popular cool and white tones.

4.       Cork

Cork is a very stylish material, adding warmth and texture, and ideal for absorbing noise. D.L. Couch recently came out with a cork upholstery and wallcovering that’s absolutely beautiful and a great way to add texture.

5.       The end of permanent workspaces

Office concepts will continue to open up. Unassigned seating is becoming the new norm, as workplaces are constantly changing to improve function and feel. Haworth’s Enclose Walls give you the flexibility to change design layouts as your workplace changes and grows. 

6.       Geometric patterns

Over the past few years, small-scale patterns have taken over backsplashes and carpet layouts in workspaces. But don’t get used to it, because 2017 is bringing more dramatic, large-scale geometric patterns! “Interwoven triangles, black and gray mirroring, and subdued backdrop arrangements will complement the minimalistic furniture lines.” (Interior Logic)

7.       Community workspaces

Community workspaces encourage collaboration, rather than isolation. A new trending term includes, “hot desking,” which gives employees a choice about where to work every day. “Hot desking disrupts old-fashioned office designs by including different co-working zones such as think spaces.” (Proxyclick)

8.       Nature inspired

Office design in 2017 will bring the outdoors in and go green. Companies are becoming more aware of how nature in the workplace has a positive effect on employees. Natural materials such as wood and stones, and organic shapes and colors are being used throughout workplaces. “Water fountains and indoor fireplaces add a wow-effect, while office plants such as living walls ensure good air quality and a healthier quality of life for employees.” (Proxyclick)



DesignKayla Vandro