Why Accessories Matter

“Design is in the details.” Odds are you have heard this phrase before. For interior designers, it could not ring more true. We work hard to ensure each space we work on has a comprehensive design that tells a story throughout all details of a space. From architectural components, to finish palettes, and furniture selections, we want all the details to be up to our standards of great design. But something that often gets missed when finalizing commercial spaces is that final layer of “accessories” which brings the finishing jazz hands to a space and gives it life.

What do I mean when I say accessories?  Several common categories for the workplace include:


Throw Blankets

Art – Paintings, Photography, Sculpture

Plants – artificial or live

Area Rugs

Waste Bins, Recycling Containers

Coat Hooks / Stands

Mood and Feature Lighting

Coffee Table Books / Magazine Literature

Although these items may seem small and insignificant, their presence provides the homey touches that can be tailored to who your brand or company is as an office culture and help create a stronger first or lasting impression for both your internal staff, visitors, and customers.

Recent trends in workplace design has seen a huge surge in a desire for the blending of residential comfort in our workplace life. Designers have come to know this term as “resimercial” and have seen an increase in prioritizing employee workplace happiness and comfort levels.

Leading studies have also found that something as small as detail items can be the difference between attracting and retaining top talent. According to a study done by Hassell Studio entitledDoes Workplace Design Affect Employee Attraction they discovered that when Facility Factors were surveyed as to what impacted the appeal of a Workplace, 28.95% was attributed to aesthetics alone.

Accessories help bring a sense of texture, greenery, and vibrancy to a space and provide those small details that will be memorable to those who inhabit and visit your workplace. Sadly, the small details such as accessory items are often V/E’d out of a furniture packet due to not being considered a crucial part of a budget. But I would like to argue that they are what brings the finishing touches to a design story. Think of them like the icing on a cupcake or the wrapping on a present.

While they may seem unnecessary or like afterthoughts to many, I encourage everyone to evaluate how the introduction of accessories can bring that final detail layer to complete a space’s good design and leave a stronger lasting impression within your workplace.  

Below are some visual examples of workplace environments that embrace the full styling of accessories along with examples of individual accessory elements that could bring the jazz hands to enhance your space and compliment your business’ unique cultural style.