Where Are All The Men?

As part of our various community initiatives, ISCG hosted a group of local high school students who are involved in the Detroit Economic Club’s Career Readiness Academy. Part of the program includes visiting businesses to learn about different careers and professional etiquette.


The students took in our showroom, listened to a few of our team members share career tips and had lunch. They learned what a design firm does and got to see the latest office concepts and furniture. Nothing unusual; just another day at the office for us… until one student posed an observant question:

“Where are all the men?”

With that comment, we had an “ah ha” moment. You see, what we see as normal was viewed very differently by this group. Women are involved with every aspect of our firm, as 19 of our 23 employees are female.  The team members who shared career tips were all leaders of sales, finance and marketing and all just so happen to be women.  Many of these high school students had not been exposed to such a strong, successful organization with this much diversity.

We have been a certified Women Owned Enterprise (WBE) for over 30 years. While we have been women owned since inception in 1976, we have evolved into a primarily women managed and operated organization.  Maybe, not so coincidentally, as the percentage of women has grown, our financial and operational success has increased as well.

Holding the WBE Certification is important to our business plan and culture. We treat it as a badge of honor, letting potential partners and clients know that diversity isn’t just one of our core values, but something we live and breathe every day. We actively participate in WBE events, like the upcoming National Conference being held at Cobo Center in June.

We look forward to the day when a company with over 80% of its employees being women results in a yawn.  Until then we are just happy to have opened some young eyes to the possibility.