Four Non-Traditional Gift Ideas for Your Valentine that Will Warm Their Heart

Valentines Day can be an emotionally charged holiday for many people. While your significant other may have their eye on chocolates or jewelry we’ve got some feel-good alternatives that will leave you feeling good without all the calories.

Visit a Senior Center

Valentines Day can be challenging for our local seniors. Some have lost their spouses or other loved ones leaving them feeling particularly lonely. If you’re feeling crafty you can make valentines or baked goods for the residents of your local senior community. Some centers may even have celebrations planned that you can attend; be sure to call ahead to confirm.

Give a Gift that Gives Back

Do you have enough flowers, chocolates and other goodies? In lieu of a traditional gift consider donating to your sweetie’s favorite cause. Or consider buying one of these gifts that donate to those in need with every purchase.

Date Night: Volunteer Edition

Rather than spend the whopping average $143 on your dinner date elect to spend a couple hours volunteering with your significant other. Countless local organizations ask for volunteers like Habitat for Humanity or the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Any act of kindness, small or large can apply. Give out bags of food or blankets to homeless, pay for coffee for a stranger, make a point to smile at everyone you see; the choice is yours!

What are your favorite non-traditional gifts for your Valentine?