Top Reasons to Hire a Project Manager

Project managers are an integral part of the furniture installation process. These unsung individuals do most of their work behind the scenes to make sure the client is always happy and satisfied. Wonder why we think these individuals are so great? Here are some of the top reasons why you should have a project manager on your next job.  

  • A project manager in the furniture industry helps bridge the gap between the sales associate, the installation company, and the customer. Project managers have a direct connection to everyone who is involved on the job. By working alongside individuals involved on every part of the project they are familiar with all the ins and outs of the job, and therefore help it progress smoothly.

  • Another role project managers have is supporting the installation crew with any issues they may have while on the job site. This includes plans, building issues, missing product, layout changes, etc. This support can help limit the amount of punch, or outstanding issues, at the end of a job. It can also reduce the amount of time a sales associate needs to spend on the job site.

  • If a dealership has an onsite project manager, they can sit down with the designer on the project to go over drawings before the installation even begins. This gives the designer a chance to express concerns they may have with the install as well as minor details that may be overlooked by installers. This will also help prevent any misunderstandings when the product is being installed.

  • A problem that can occur on any job site is lack of communication. Miscommunication could be between the customer and the sales associate, the sales associates and the installation company, or the installation company and the customer. Having a project manager on a job can diminish these problems because they are in contact with everyone involved.

  • Playing a key role with warranty issues and service calls is also part of a project manager’s job. If a client has an issue with their product, project managers can go out to the site and evaluate the problem and ultimately find a solution. This reduces the cost to the dealer and the client when a separate installation company does not have to be involved.

  • Project managers are also very familiar with product from working with it daily. They can offer a broad range of assistance with their product knowledge. For example, with some warranty or punch cases they are able to simply look at a picture and figure out the parts that are needed in making the repair. This speeds up the process of getting replacement parts and makes for a happy customer.

No matter how you look at it, hiring a project manager is only going to benefit every aspect of the job and will prevent numerous problems from occurring. It also creates less work for the sales associate, designer, and the support staff. This makes the furniture purchasing experience for the customer a breeze and provides a strong relationship with them for future furniture needs. By working with ISCG, you can rest assured our project management team will be there to support you.

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Evie Ramirez