Tips to Enhance Your Productivity This Summer

Let’s face it… Michigan summers are too short and we need to take advantage of our limited warm weather and sunshine.  Best use of this brief time is different for everyone; for some it’s a time to garden and play outside while soaking up the sun, while others appreciate relaxing indoors with their favorite book or movie. As a business, we must embrace this time for employees which allows them to recharge and stay focused during the long, cold winter months.

So how do we maintain our productivity while faced with everyone taking some vacation time between June and August?  It’s a busy time for our clients in the summer so we have to find ways to “overachieve” while still allowing for fun breaks.

Here are some creative products and ideas that allow us to optimize our summer…

Our fabulous dispenser, filled with cucumbers and mint, can be found at Pottery Barn.

Thirsty Thursday: Fill a drink dispenser with water and fresh fruit, or cucumbers and mint – not only does it look festive, your employees will appreciate this thirst quenching, natural drink. Ours came from Pottery Barn. Stumped for flavor combinations? Give the following a try!

o   Lavender Lemonade

o   Watermelon Basil

o   Rainbow Citrus

o   Strawberry Jalapeno

o   Ginger Peach



National Ice Cream Month: Nothing sounds better than an ice-cold cone on a hot summer afternoon; after all - July is National Ice Cream Month! Throw an ice cream afternoon party – impromptu gatherings help break up the day and re-energize the workplace. Feel like channeling your inner Food Network Star? Try out the 17 Best Milkshake and Ice Cream Float Recipes from Epicurious.

The average high in the Detroit area during the month of July is 83 degrees and unfortunately the office thermostat only accommodates so many… Opt for mesh back chairs that allow airflow and don’t stick to the back of shirts like leather and vinyl… I love my Fern Chair; it’s mesh back comes in 11 different colors that can match any style.

Change up office hours in the summer. We are closing early on Fridays to extend the weekend. It’s amazing how productive we can be in the morning! We’re not the only ones either; flexible working hours is one of the fastest growing benefits according to The Washington Post. A whopping 42% of companies close up early on Fridays, while in 2015 only 22% of companies did so.

You’d be hard pressed not to find a farmer’s market in your town; our very own Royal Oak has its own every Friday from 7AM to 1PM from May thru December. Take advantage of all the fresh produce by throwing a farmer’s market themed lunch that can easily be catered or potluck style.

Yes, it bears repeating again… allow for more natural light to flood your workplace through the use of glass walls, low height workstations, and removing perimeter private offices. Access to daylight maximizes employee performance and personal sense of control to improve wellbeing. Psychology Today even noted that workers with access to natural light sleep 46 more minutes per night. What could your team accomplish if they had an extra 46 minutes of sleep per night?

Let us know any additional ways that you maximize your Michigan summer!

Mary Ann Lievois