Creating the Ultimate Mother's Room

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to treat your newly (or future) maternal employees than with a beautiful, private space for pumping a.k.a a “Mother's Room”.

The choice to breastfeed your baby is incredibly personal. While the benefits are undeniable, sometimes it’s the logistics that new moms get caught up in. Federal law states that organizations with over 50 employees must have a dedicated space for new mothers, so it’s what you do with that space that can make all the difference. While there is a cost involved with creating a Mother's Room, employers can see a positive ROI in terms of more productive and present employees. Supported employees are also less likely to seek other employment so recruitment and training costs are kept low, in fact the retention rate for employees with lactation support programs is 94.2%, compared to the national average of 59%.

You may be thinking – where do I start? We’ve got some helpful tips to create a space that your employees will love and appreciate.

Comfortable Seating Is Crucial

Choose seating that is warm and inviting like the Poppy Lounge. With it’s soft lines, large size and enveloping shape the Poppy Lounge makes you feel at home. What better way to completely relax your employees than to give them the comforts of home. Another comfortable option would be the Kimball Theo. This “active lounge” chair has a smaller footprint so it won’t feel bulky in a small space. Keep in mind what materials you use on your seating as well – fabrics to consider should be either easy to clean leather or upholstery with a moisture barrier like Alta Textile Technology.

Multiple Surfaces are Important

Your employees will need a table for their pump, space for a water bottle and their phone or laptop to keep them occupied. The Pip side table provides a great easy to move surface for anything they should need. An additional surface like the LTB coffee table would make a great secondary surface.


Most women who choose to pump at work need to pump two to three times a day -which leaves them with a lot of cleaning. Best practices include cleaning all pump parts with either soap and water and/or sanitizing the pieces in a microwave. Providing a small sink and microwave will give your employees the privacy to finish their pumping session in it’s entirety within the Mother’s Room, versus having to take the parts to a communal kitchen or bathroom to be cleaned.

A Small refrigerator would also be ideal – although breast milk can be stored with ice packs for up to one whole day, having a dedicated space to keep the milk would be nice.   

Décor Should Encourage Relaxation

Décor in your Mother’s Room should be simple, yet relaxing. A resimmercial approach would be ideal to create a warm and inviting environment. Soft lighting, plants, and calming wallcovers would be perfect.

All You Need Is Love and Strong Wifi

Make sure the room gets a strong wi-fi signal. Let’s repeat; make sure the room gets a strong wi-fi signal.

Give Them the Power

…And by power, we mean ample outlets. Few breast pumps are battery powered, so ensure that your Mother’s Room has enough outlets and that they are in close proximity to seating.


These are some over-the-top suggestions that while are not necessary, will be appreciated by your employees long after they are done pumping.

  • Supplying a hospital grade pump like the Medela Symphony so employees don’t need to tote around the bulky pumps. The Symphony is made for long-term use by multiple users so it could be a great investment especially if you have a large proportion of female employees. Having a pump at work will make life just a tad easier for the pumping employee as they won’t need to worry about lugging another large bag around.
  • Snacks. Moms get hungry and need on average 300-500 additional calories per day to aid lactation. Providing easily accessible healthy snacks and water would make a great final touch to the ultimate Mother’s Room.

Some may consider a Mother's Room a temporary need.  While this is true, the space can easily be transformed into a Wellness Room which can provide employees a private space for meditation, prayer, or simply relaxation. If attracting and retaining young talent is a goal of your company, give us a call, a Mother’s Room would be a great addition to your space.