There's No Place Like Home...

When you walk into an office space, it can have a cold, unwelcoming aesthetic. The image in your mind probably has rows of workstations and private offices, fluorescent lighting and bare-bones common areas. 

While many an office is criticized for having a somewhat cold, clinical feel creating an uncomfortable environment in which to work. Yet home-based working in your own warm personal space is seen as being full of potential distractions and often questionable productivity.

Now, a solid design trend is seeking to provide the perfect middle ground, by combining commercial and residential design to create a concept known as resimmercial design, the blend of commercial grade products with a residential vibe.  In many cases, moving away from furniture that’s designed to support process work and moving towards furniture that supports more creative work.

Adding more inviting furniture and rethinking communal spaces is bringing this new sort of design that balances business and casual into the work environment. Common areas have been filled with multi-purpose chairs, couches and tables that allow people to do everything from eat meals together to brainstorm project ideas. And the walls and cubicles that used to exist to separate people from one another are now being used less. This is all being done to create more of a sense of unity and community.

So, what are the key features of resimmercial design?

Warm, textured and natural Materials. Materials such as wood, felt, and cork and highly textured fabrics made with natural fibers help to make the space feel more inviting by incorporating elements of home design, and can significantly brighten up a dull office environment.

Casual, Open Areas. At home, you’re unlikely to constantly shut yourself away in a small area and rarely come out, so why would you want this at work? Resimmercial design incorporates open, casual seating and meeting areas in order to promote collaboration and cooperation, providing a direct equivalent to our lounges and dining areas at home. Opening up conversation between colleagues in this relaxed atmosphere will assist in building upon working relationships, helping employees to work better as a team.

Homey Furniture, Lighting and Design. Arguably the main proponent of resimmercial design is the choice and design of furniture pieces & accessories. Selecting pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in your home is key like soft seating, warm colors, accent lighting and area rugs.

Don’t think it’s just about the aesthetics of residential furniture because it’s really about productivity.  It’s all about giving employees a more comfortable work environment, as it’s been thoroughly proven that having this makes people happier, more productive, more engaged, and more creative at work.