Teambuilding ideas to bring employees together

In the traditional office environment, employees spend on average 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month, and 2,080 hours a year with co-workers. That’s approximately a quarter of our time in any given year! With so time spent with others at work, a strong team is vital.

Teambuilding is essential in the workplace because it encourages communication between employees and allows them to learn about each other on another level. It builds trust and camaraderie, which increases employees’ ability to work effectively together in an office environment and on group projects. Also, with heavy workloads and strict deadlines, intentionally setting aside some time for teambuilding activities offers stress-relief and provides employees with a bit of time to recharge and tackle the work responsibilities that lie ahead.

Building a strong team in the workplace goes beyond the traditional company happy hour event or outing. It should provide everyone the opportunity to participate, and it should not feel forced or like “work.” The goal is to provide an event where everyone – despite various interests and personalities – can feel comfortable to be themselves and have a bit of fun.

So what are some good teambuilding activities?

Organized city tours and scavenger hunts

These are a fun and adventurous way to learn more about your city, gain inspiration, and help co-workers form bonds and learn how to work better together. Check out The Great Escape Room nationwide, and the Detroit Experience Factory if you’re in the Metro-Detroit area.

Industry events

Seek out industry events that promote collaboration among team members and allow employees to use their talents in a cross-disciplinary way. For example, ISCG is participating in the International Interior Design Association Finish 2 Fashion event, where designers and manufacturers team up to create one-of-a-kind outfits made solely from interior finish materials.

Community service

Giving back as a group is a great way to help your community and create a spirit of well-being among employees. There are countless opportunities, such as:

  • Volunteering to work with your local Habitat for Humanity
  • Serving food at a local soup kitchen
  • Working in a community garden
  • Participating in a charity walk or race

Activities that promote wellness

Build leadership and communication skills and encourage physical fitness with an activity that does both. Ropes courses, for example, provide a variety of teambuilding activities for all levels. Check out The Adventure Park if you’re in the Metro-Detroit area.

Games in the office

Strapped for time and want an activity that can be done rather quickly? Hold an in-house teambuilding activity. A game like Two Truths and a Lie helps employees learn about each other and connect in new ways. Find more teambuilding games at When I Work.

Now that you’re ready to bring your group together, here are a few tips for getting started: Excite employees by letting them suggest ideas and vote on activities they’re most interested in. Schedule large activities quarterly and smaller activities monthly. And most importantly, always keep it lighthearted and fun!


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