Take a quick look around at the upholstered chairs nearby.  Are they basic black? Perhaps a subtle color or texture?  Neutral upholstery fabrics can work very well in many work environments, but sometimes you may want something just a little different – something that can make more of a statement.

Whether supporting your company culture or just for a bit of fun, the following unique fabrics may fit the bill.

Why Why Why

Momentum Textiles

Silica Today Here Now

Momentum Textiles

Knock Knock

C.F. Stinson

Bavaria Stripe by Studio Job 


Mikado by Alexander Girard, 1954 


Beguiled By The Wild


Pixie Applique

Carnegie Fabrics

For more information on these fabrics, basic black, or perhaps one of the many great options in-between, contact us!

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Dorene Riley