Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

The year was 2002; the country was adjusting to the September 11th disaster, the Red Wings were still winning Stanley Cups, and I was ready to take on a new challenge. I left a successful banking career to venture into the unknown world of business ownership, and together with my business partner, Mary Ann, we purchased ISCG.

Over the years, I have appreciated working with many fine individuals at ISCG.  I got to know their families (including the four-legged ones) and witnessed life trials and successes.  Through it all we became an extended family.

I have enjoyed wonderful customer relationships.  Some started as an impromptu visit to our showroom and continued as multiyear friendships.  Some hesitant referrals have turned into relationships which have spanned my full 17 years.

I have appreciated the great vendor partners. Our major manufacturers and installation firms have been with us the whole time.  They know everyone at ISCG and all of us know each of them.  There is mutual respect and understanding. 

This departure is bittersweet. ISCG is going through only its second ownership change in 43 years as Mary Ann and I are divesting our equity.  Shelly Powell, Joel Miller and Angelica Nolff (all former minority owners) are assuming full ownership of ISCG.  I have total confidence in their collective abilities to lead ISCG into a successful future and I look forward to watching the company thrive.

 As I prepare to start my next chapter, I want to publicly thank a few individuals that have been critical to my journey.  First, thanks to Mary Ann who has been both a wonderful business partner and family friend.  ISCG, nor I, would have achieved its current success without her.  I would like to thank Billie Jo Wannick and Louise Tucker (ISCG former owners) for taking a chance on selling to a novice businessman and allowing me to help steward the company they created. Lastly, thanks to Haworth’s many members who have interacted with ISCG over the years.  Their collective wisdom and integrity have been helpful to our success.

Finally, thank you to our employees (sorry I can’t name you all here) that have made ISCG the great organization it is.  It has been my privilege to work with you.