Say What?! How Well Do You Know Design Jargon?

The dictionary definition of Jargon is as follows:

[jahr-guh n, -gon] noun

1.   the language, especially the vocabulary, peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group.

The furniture industry, like most professions, has our fair share of overly used and very specific jargon.  Which, as we should know, is not always a very good way to communicate.  Assuming that your client understands design jargon can be a recipe for disaster.

When communicating with clients, we do our best to use as little jargon as possible so they fully understand what we are saying, but even the best slip up sometimes. In addition, good communicators are “present” when engaging with clients and demonstrate this by showing they are listening, understanding, and acknowledging what is being said. If you use a jargon term, try to read your client for understanding. If they have a face like our cover photo, you may want to explain further.

As we all try to break the habit, try to test your knowledge of design terms with our handy quiz!