ISCG visits Cranbrook for Pewabic tour

Everyone likes a little field trip now and then, to be inspired and bring you back to childhood and all of those fun excursions you had during school. Recently, ISCG took a behind-the-scenes tour of Cranbrook to see the Pewabic pottery installations on campus.

Pewabic Pottery has been a Detroit landmark since 1903. They still have a working shop in Detroit, and they continue to produce hand-crafted tiles and decorative goods. Recent local installations of Pewabic Pottery include Comerica Park and the Detroit Zoo. 

Our Pewabic tour included the Saarinen House to see a fireplace installation, the Cranbrook campus to see a wall mural, the Kingswood campus for a fireplace installation and stairway, Rainbow Fountain, Thornlea House, and the beautiful Christ Church. We highly recommend a tour of this local historical gem!

Design, PeopleShelly Powell