Productivity in Color

Did you know that the colors in your office can affect your productivity? Did you know that men and women have different reactions to certain colors?

The University of Texas found in a study that gray, beige and white office colors can induce feelings of depression and sadness, especially in women. On the other hand, men experienced similar feelings in purple and orange spaces. Colors don’t just affect our emotions; they can have very real impacts on our productivity.

If you’ve been struggling to get work done in your current office, check out some colorful updates you can make to increase productivity!



Blue is very well known for being a calming color and that can help you focus on the task at hand. The soothing effects of blues can be associated with trust and is the most popular response from those asked what their favorite color is.


Green is another color that can evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Reminiscent of nature, green can refresh your mood and does not cause eye fatigue. Green is a great color for those that work long hours as it can help you feel calm while remaining extremely efficient.



Yellow is typically thought of as a cheerful and optimistic color. It can promote happiness and stimulate creativity. Yellow can be a fun way to brighten and liven a space.



Red historically has a bad reputation as it is often associated with authority and power. However, red has been shown to increase heart rate, blood flow and spark passion. Use red sparingly but add a pop in an area where you really want to draw attention.