Product Spotlight: Zody Task Chair

Haworth has been a staple in office seating for over 40 years; it’s no wonder that products like the Zody are so highly acclaimed. Here’s a little history lesson: the initial offering of office seating by Haworth back in the mid 1980’s consisted of the SystemSeating line.  There were four options ranging from an Executive chair to a secretarial chair all of which offered a mechanical of pneumatic seat height adjustment and a 2” back height adjustment.  Fast forward past the sleek Catalyst line of seating, comfortable Accolade series of chairs and the ergonomic Improv H.E. task chairs to the fully adjustable Zody task chair.

Backed by the Haworth 12 year warranty, the Zody is a high-performing task chair that blends science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design. The Zody is a serious task chair with a full assortment of adjustment settings.

As far as comfort goes, the Zody is highly customizable.  This is thanks to the adjustments in the arms, (height, side-to-side angle, forward/backward and left/right positioning), seat pan (front and back), seat height, lumbar, and recline tension.  The product of extensive research and development, only the Zody also offers asymmetrical lumbar adjustments, providing user-selected support on each side of the lower back.

The Zody is a well-designed chair. All of these cool features combine to make it a product that is stable and comfortable, offering very good support. If your considering new seating for your office, make sure you check out the Haworth Zody task chair.

Doug WilliamsComment