Product Spotlight: Nook Pods

It feels like we cannot go a day without a report of new trends in the workplace. No walls, walls, seated height panels, low panels, ‘hoteling’, bean bag chairs, ping pong tables; the list goes on and on. However; the need for privacy is a constant in the ever-changing office landscape. Privacy can come in a variety of forms as we recently highlighted, but the Nook seating is one of our new favorites.

Nook Pods are best described as a ‘mobile huddle pod’. Best used as an alternative to meeting rooms. It’s been studied that large meetings are ineffective; smaller meetings are where real innovation occurs. When real estate is at a premium, it makes sense to provide spaces for small intimate meetings rather than large conference rooms. Since connectivity is as important as ever, Nook pods are available with all the amenities you’d expect like electricity, USB power, technology and lighting.

Think they are only for two people? Think again. The modular style of Nook allows it to be configured with any number based on your design needs. One nook is perfect for those one to two person sessions, while connecting up to four provides a mobile meeting space for up to 12. And they are not just for office settings; Nook pods go well in a variety of places including education, event arenas, restaurants and coworking spaces.

Nook recently even debuted a Sensory Pod. This revolutionary design created for public spaces provides support to disabled and special needs individuals. The portable nature of the Nook pod allows mobility when flexibility is key, or as a temporary solution within public events. The sensory pod is specifically designed to calm or stimulate those with sensory disabilities like Autism and Dyslexia, with the goal of allowing for more inclusion and the opportunity to experience more things and environments.  

Interested in learning more? You can read more about the Nook story on their website. Give us a call to customize your own!