Product Spotlight: Cultivate

Innovative new products are essential to the success of a furniture manufacturer and we are proud to align with Michigan-based Haworth for their dedication to state-of-the-art design. Their commitment to creating products that are not only beautiful but encourage open communication and creativity is evident with the latest product offering: Cultivate.

 Cultivate is described by Haworth as “a shared table that creates a sense of community, encouraging interaction and collaboration with an inviting balance of practicality and visual appeal” and we couldn’t agree more. As consumers and professionals alike cannot stop talking about the importance of social spaces, Cultivate fits right in highlighting the perfect space for important conversations, ranging from strictly professional to weekend plans. Before you go dismissing the importance of small talk in the office - Fast Company said it perfectly: “It’s casually interacting with our colleagues that makes us happiest at work.”

 Subtle design allows you to blend Cultivate table seamlessly into a space while also allowing you to customize it for a bold trendy look. It’s perfectly suitable for corporate environments but also fits well in residential or dining style settings.

Options to Customize:

  • Different top thickness

  • Variety of base paint colors to choose from

  • Seated and standing height

  • Can be combined w/ storage for custom look

  • Coat hooks

Making frequent changes within your facility and needing something that can grow into the space or change locations, Cultivate can fulfill that purpose. Whether it is an open café area with a need for a little informal collaboration or time to entertain your clients and have a dining experience Cultivate is the right choice. Contact us for pricing information!

Nives Kajtazovic