Product Spotlight: CONCREATE

When I was first shown the Concreate line, my mind immediately started to wander through all of the possibilities.  Designed to provide the urban industrial look of concrete without the mess and inconvenience of conventional concrete, these plank floor and wall panels really hit the mark.

Concreate is real concrete with all of the irregularities and character you would expect in poured concrete.  The panels are polished and pre-finished with a clear coat protecting the flooring from staining.  This clear coat will need to be re-applied periodically so the maintenance requirements should be considered when evaluating whether this flooring is appropriate for your project.

Currently available in 3 color options, Concreate can easily integrate with other materials to achieve a variety of different looks from cool & serene to warm & inviting.

The flooring is available in plank format roughly 48” long x 12” wide and features tongue & groove fit for a sturdy connection.  The thin microfiber concrete panel is layered over a mineral composite substrate which results in a lightweight and easy to install product.

The offering has recently been expanded to include a pre-finished wood top layer which mounts over the same mineral cement board allowing the planks to align beautifully.  This material allows for longer planks of approximately 74” long and almost 6” wide.  Available in only one finish, Smoked White Oak, I’m hoping they expand the options in the future.

Moving beyond flooring, Concreate is also producing a version of the panel for wall applications.  Sizing on this product is 47-1/4” L x 23-5/8”W x 1/8” thick and the light weight of these panels makes them suitable for installations beyond simply cladding of walls.  They have been fit into metal frameworks to function as table tops and used in millwork applications.

I find the possibilities for application of this innovative product quite intriguing and limited only by one’s imagination.  I am looking forward to learning more about it and then finding the next inspiring project for which Concreate will be a good fit!

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