Product Spotlight: Compose Beam

Haworth Compose is one of our most popular selections when it comes to systems furniture. Haworth’s latest reworking of Compose brought us the ever-versatile and fully-functional Compose Beam. Beam brings to the table a freestanding, spine-based system that has a lighter aesthetic.

Filled with the essentials; Beam has power and data right where you need it and allows you to customize your mix of height adjustable, fixed height and mobile surfaces. A light scale design uses an 8”- high beam, which provides a more open feel and reduced materiality. Independent T- Leg and A-Frame leg options create an open, light-scale look allowing people to do their best work.

The best part about all of this? Compose Beam is manufactured right here at Haworth HQ in Holland, Michigan. It’s also 98% recyclable and made with 47% of recycled content.

Want to see more? Give us a call to learn more about Compose Beam.

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