Product Spotlight: Casper Cloaking

Today’s trend of workplace design is creating open and flexible environments. This includes forming collaborative, touch down areas and planning for future changes that can be easily adapted to. This has been a success in the design industry but what happens when the privacy is being sacrificed for an open and collaborative environment? Some have even been reduced to butcher paper and masking tape for the utmost privacy…Say no more; Designtex has engineered the new Casper Cloaking Technology and it is out of this world!

Casper Cloaking is an architectural film placed on any new or existing glass wall to obscure screens to outside viewers. “Casper selectively cloaks the light transmitted by LED displays, but nothing else” -Designtex. Meaning any person outside of the space can see everything clearly but the content on LED screens will be blacked out! This is a great way to balance openness and privacy.

Is it magic? Nope, just some pretty space-age stuff. Here’s the basics: LED displays filter out all oscillations except the vertical light waves. From there Casper Cloaking technology filters out the vertical visible light oscillations from the LCD to make the screen appear blank.

Casper film is adhered to the inside of a glass wall. You then also have the option of adding a patterned graphic on the outside, which does provide additional visual privacy as well as design. Designtex offers 15 different patterned graphics that can be used with Casper Cloaking. If you need something different than what they offer, they can also create custom patterns by special request, however there is a minimum order quantity for this option.

Sometimes it is difficult for companies to transition from a more enclosed environment to an open concept. But with brilliant technologies like Casper Cloaking by Designtex, we can assure our clients that privacy will still be accounted for in their workplace!

Want to know more? Give us a call to see how affordable this futuristic technology is for your space!