Four Surprising Things to Be Thankful For This Year

On Thursday many of you are going to gather around a (hopefully) perfectly cooked turkey with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The question on everyone’s mind will be; ‘What are you thankful for?’ One by one you’ll hear friends and family murmur about health, family, or financial situation; which are all great things to be thankful for, but I’d like to challenge you to look at some less obvious reasons to be grateful.

Be Thankful For Your Competition

In an ideal world no one else would do exactly what you do, creating the highest demand for your services or products. Unfortunately, this is not the case and we must be constantly reflecting on our own processes and products to continue winning the business and trust of clients. Our competitors challenge us to be innovative and ensures that we never take our highly valued clients for granted.

Be Thankful For Peculiar Colleagues

We say it time and time again, that diversity drives innovation. Imagine how boring work would be if everyone were just like you - sadly some companies hire that way. So, give thanks for your coworkers' peculiarities and their unusual perspectives. Our work gives us a chance to learn from and develop meaningful relationships with people that we otherwise might not have willingly sought out.

And how rewarding does it feel when we all work together and come up with unique solutions that we could never accomplish alone?

Be Thankful For Yourself

Confidence and self-appreciation often get a bad rap as being egotistical or arrogant, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Praise does not have to only come from external sources, as when we exclusively rely on praise that may never come, we are putting our value or self-worth in the hands of others. Be thankful for your gifts and abilities and that you bring something unique to the table that no one else can. Be thankful that you’re able to solve problems for your clients that they are unable to solve themselves.

Be Thankful For Your Workspace

Working in the industry we do see how impactful a workspace can be on an employee. It’s a simple thought but being thankful that your employer is willing to invest tools and products that encourage health and wellbeing can help you flip the script on your day. Years and years of research and design go into products like the Haworth Soji task chair or the Kimball Xsede height adjustable desk, Not all organizations can invest in their employees in this way and if our Chairs for Chair-ity initiative can tell us anything it’s that these ergonomic products are so very appreciated once employees have them.

What will I say when I’m inevitably asked what I’m thankful for this year? In addition to my heath, family and friends I’m going to include this list:

  • I’m thankful that my job culture is fun, friendly and professional.

  • I’m thankful for our casual dress code.

  • I’m thankful that my company does fun events to keep employees engaged.

  • I’m thankful for company paid holidays and summer hours!

  • I’m thankful for a superb work environment - that’s what we do after all.

  • I’m thankful for the things I have learned while on the job all these years. There is always room to grow, so keep learning!

So this year, encourage your friends and family to also think outside the box, and be thankful for the seemingly challenging or unusual aspects of your life that ultimately make you a stronger and smarter professional.