National Indoor Plant Week

Plants 3.jpg

Seriously… this is a celebration and has its own website!   National Indoor Plant Week was established to promote and increase public awareness of the importance of live plants in interior spaces.  This year it takes place the week of September 17th-21st, so how should we celebrate?

  • Consider having a plant swap among team members
  • Remind your customers about the many benefits of plants in the workplace and send a plant to let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Create an indoor herb garden for a sunny window location
  • Make a terrarium for your desk
  • Visit a local botanical garden or arboretum – Check out the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor.   

We love plants indoors because simply, they keep us healthier.  Plants help clean the air, leading to reduced sickness and improved memory retention. A better environment helps reduce our stress levels, and the decorative nature of plants adds a surprise element of nature to increase productivity and creativity.  

Earlier this blog season, Sarah highlighted proper plant maintenance and the 5 best plants for an office environment, and Morgan showed us how to display our plants and incorporate  Biophilic Design into the workplace.

So now where to go to ensure success?  Hiring a professional local plant company to create your indoor landscape and maintain its beauty (yes they water and feed plants for you) is a great solution.  Artscape, Planterra and Ambius are well known professionals in the Metro Detroit area, providing plant and flower programs. They even build living green walls, a new trend that provides all the benefits of office plants, plus the wall feature can aid in privacy and noise reduction.

If you are like ISCG and have the “do it yourself” philosophy with plants, Bordines and English Gardens have a great selection of indoor plants, but you can also find basic options at Meijer. Make sure you re-read Sarah’s blog on Plant Maintenance