A Healthy Workplace on a budget? It's Possible!

In the spirit of a challenge more than a specific request, a potential client asked what ISCG could do within their office that would create a healthier environment for its employees and result in more peer to peer interaction.  The catch though; it needed to be done for minimal cost and with little disruption.

Challenge accepted. After assessing the physical environment and discussions with key employees, we suggested four modifications:

  • Add a height adjustable table to each workstation.  The existing laminate surface could be reused and only the height adjustable table base would need to be purchased. Installation could be accomplished after hours without tearing down the workstation.  While standing does not burn as many calories as initially thought, it is shown in many studies to improve circulation and strengthens muscles. These improvements in turn help reduce the risk of serious ailments like heart disease and diabetes.

Furthermore; did you know that standing during the day actually can make your employees happier? It’s true. According to JustStand.org, with information from a study completed by the Center for Disease Control employees who increased standing by one hour per day experienced staggering results in their mood and over all happiness.

Take-a-Stand Project
  • Remove some filing from within individual workstations and relocate to centralized shared storage islands.  By incorporating a laminate top, with three high lateral files, these new file islands can become an impromptu meeting area away from where the employee are actually working.  Changing the location of the individual’s files, encourages casual interaction and physical movement throughout the day.

  • Replace the organizations existing task chairs which have fixed arms and no lumbar support with ergonomic, fully featured, Haworth Soji seating.  When not standing at the workstation, this chair, with its patented adjustable lumbar, delivers exceptional comfort and supports proper posture. Ergonomic chairs have been proven to reduce workplace injuries and increase comfort and productivity.

  • Incorporate changes to the client’s break room, including bar height seating, work island, small booths and vibrant colors that would transform the space from “kitchen” to “café” and encourage casual conversation.

The above changes could be completed for less than 20% of a full office transformation while providing significant employee benefits with no down time.  While our industry’s attention is generally on creating new, totally encompassing office environments; smaller, more focused, incremental changes should not be discounted.  Significant organizational benefits can be derived by judiciously improving specific aspects on the workplace.

If you want to improve your employee interactions, innovation, and overall employee happiness give us a call; we’d be happy to take on your challenge!

Bob Martin