Metro Detroit’s Women Business Award Season

This week I am attending the Career Mastered Women’s Leadership in Action Awards as several friends are speaking and being honored. Last month was the MichBusiness Thrive Conference and upcoming we can look forward to:

You may be thinking, “aren’t these events similar, and are all the awards going to the same people?”, and you would be wrong!  This community is very fortunate to have a plethora of powerful, successful Women Business Owners and influential, dynamic Women Business, Civic and Community Leaders working within for- profit and non-profit enterprises. Each time a new awards list comes out I am excited to learn of recently recognized women who have been working years to achieve this notoriety and success, as well as hear about emerging young leaders making their mark in the Detroit Metro Area.  These Women all have a unique story, offering advice and sharing their goals and achievements with passion and spunk.  Just like a great book or movie, I am inspired by their journeys and think about my own leadership skills and the continued success of ISCG.  How can I create new opportunities within my personal and professional life based upon what I have heard?  

Over 20 years ago I met Billie Jo Wanink, the founder of ISCG, as she was being honored at one of these award dinners.  She captured my attention as she spoke about her employees being her family, but also about her female business leaders serving as her support network to give her confidence and learn from their successes and mistakes. Understanding these resources gave me the added confidence to become a business owner. 

As I listen to the Entrepreneurial stories, it seems that one good thing came out of the 2008 economic downturn. Many capable, tenacious female leaders took this time to re-evaluate their corporate roles and took the initiative to start their own businesses. In less than 10 years we now have a very powerful WBE base.  I also see that young women are taking charge of their futures by starting new businesses at an ever increasing rate of success. 

I am thankful for Metro Detroit’s pioneering and fearless legacy leaders like Sandy Pierce, Mary Kramer, Florine Mark, Vivian Pickard, Terry Barclay, andCynthia Pasky (just to name a few). They tirelessly support these important organizations, promoting diversity, by encouraging and mentoring the next generation of Women leaders and championing this decade’s cast of leading Corporate Women.  

I’ll see you at the Awards! 

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Mary Ann Lievois