Your Solution to Workplace Stress: Meditation

It is far too familiar to hear how stress is affecting our coworkers and loved ones. Whether work related or caused by personal health or problems at home, we still have a life ahead that demands our time, strength and perseverance no matter how unattainable it may seem at times. Most people recognize that stress can have an impact on health and well-being, but they rarely take action in minimizing or preventing it. With the hectic demands of life, how can we find time to be more present and more productive, especially in the workplace where minimizing stress is easier said than done?

To our luck, many businesses today are recognizing that stress is affecting employees and they are implementing meditation and focusing on mindfulness to foster healthier, more engaged employees. Research shows that employees that meditate are more focused, are better at decision making, and perform better than those that don’t. Additionally, those that practice meditation in the workplace were able to stay on task for longer and were less distracted. Employees that are more present handle stress better and have improved emotional intelligence, hence making them happier and more approachable.  

There are several ways to successfully introduce meditation in the workplace, but before you make that leap ensure it is appropriate for your team and you understand exactly what meditation is. According to Wikipedia, meditation is an exercise or practice in which you focus your mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Some of your employees may have reservations due to the religious stigma associated with meditation. It’s important to stress with them that while meditation has roots in various faiths’ it’s modern definition is not tied to any particular belief system.

Here are few options on starting meditation practice in your workplace.

  • Self-guided meditation apps. These are great ways to start with minimal investment and to find out the level of participation you will get from you employees. Follow this link for options on meditation apps to start with: apps. You can pick a day of the week and pre-schedule these sessions to create consistency and to ensure no participants are scheduling meetings during this time.
  • Meditation Works can be a great next step. If you have limited space within your workplace, Meditation Works or companies like this one, will bring the meditation on wheels bus that provides the temporary space along recorded or  certified teacher led session.
  • Schedule sessions with a certified teachers that can lead group or individual sessions within your space.

How to ensure you are successfully and safely implementing meditation:

  • Always make sure it is available to everyone, but not forced. Employees may not be interested in meditation or may find that it’s not something that works for them.  
  • Make sure the practice is encouraged from the top down and there is always pre-scheduled time. Changing days and times is inconsistent and may fall out of priority list of things do to in a busy week.
  • Research the apps and meditation companies to ensure they are providing the safest level of meditation appropriate for entry level students. Later explore deeper more frequent sessions.
  • Have space available for group or individual sessions throughout the day. Make it convenient.

Interested in creating a space to cultivate your employees’ mental health and or a ‘meditation room’? We’ve got some great tips and products that would work well in any relaxation space.

  • Chairs that allow ample privacy and comfort would be ideal in a mediation room. The Haworth Window Seat, OFS Heya, or Kimball Villa are examples that would provide a level of privacy while minimizing acoustics and maximizing comfort.
  • If your space cannot access natural light, think about using natural wallcoverings or incorporating plants in the space to help your team feel closer to nature as a bonus plants in the workplace have been proven to improve air quality.

Need more tips or ideas for your meditation/relaxation room? Give us a call, we’d be happy to help!