Let There Be Light

There was a lot of curiosity and genuine interest surrounding the unveiling of our latest showroom sample, the UMA light from Haworth.  Referred to as an “Audio Lantern” and designed by Pablo Designs, this minimalist product has winning appeal from several perspectives.  In addition to providing an understated and dimmable lighting accent, the Uma pulls double duty by incorporating Bluetooth enabled 360-degree sound with touch sensitive volume control.

Thoughtful design has resulted in a clean look mostly devoid of any obvious controls.  There is a small power button at the base of the lamp but other than that, we found ourselves pondering over the rest.  After a little experimentation, we discovered is that the volume is adjusted by using a soft, circular touch on the top of the lamp.  And the full range light control is initiated simply by rotating the dial, which appears as a metal casing around top of the lantern.  When engaged, the UMA emits a soft, warm glow thanks to LED technology.

Portable and rechargeable with a battery life of up to 8 hours, the UMA is well suited to the home, office, and beyond.  The lantern is equipped with two interchangeable leather straps (one grey and one tan leather) so you can adapt the look to suit.  A protective cotton bag with a leather drawstring is also included, making it easy to pack up and take on the road.  It’s already a standard fixture at ISCG events and trade shows.  I’m thinking of all the fun to be had in customizing playlists for different events.

One last thing about this little Audio Lantern…it’s made in the USA and is 97% recyclable!

Another new addition to our showroom is the Clamp floor lamp from the Haworth Collection.  Available in both floor and table models, these lamps have been engineered for simplicity and sustainability.  They take advantage of energy efficient LED technology and supply warm, diffuse lighting with 360 degree adjustment.  The height of the illumination can also be adjusted with the ability of the arm to smartly slide up and down the stem.  You can further personalize your lighting experience via a two-stage dim control.

In my opinion, the Clamp shows even better in person than in literature or online.  The beauty of North American hardwoods (walnut & white oak) combined with spartan shaping and a whimsical black or red fabric-wrapped cord, this fixture has a raw, vintage urban appeal that will resonate with many.  The shift to residential-inspired workplace interiors will make the Clamp a perfect fit for those wanting to incorporate the warmth of natural materials.

Probably my favorite feature on the table lamp is the integrated tray.  I love having a dedicated spot for the small ephemera that inevitably collects in a typical workspace.

Yet another innovative lighting product from Pablo Designs is the versatile Corner Office.  Designed to provide targeted illumination in open environments, the Corner Office goes so much further.  At its most basic, it is a table light.  An optical touch switch and full range dim control elevate this fixture beyond the typical.  A dual USB 2.0 port and single USB-C 3.1 port located along the central spine adds to its utility.

Two additional versions sport 18-inch high fabric panels which provide a degree of visual privacy in addition to acoustic value.  The largest version has soft storage pockets intended to temporarily house items such as tablets, a couple of pens, or a pad of paper.

I think the Corner Office is best deployed in touchdown spaces, providing some welcome amenities and visual interest within the open environment.  If you’d like to test drive any of these innovative lighting products, give us a call, we’d love to introduce you!