Giving Chairs and Giving Thanks - 2017 ReDux

There are many things that we take for granted daily…a living arrangement without fear, a hot shower, knowing the benefits of a good night sleep, a job that teaches new skills……. These are real concerns for many people in our community and just what the recipients of our 40 Chairs and Chair-ity are focused on.

Here's a quick spotlight on a 2016 winner of our 40 Chairs for Chair-ity initiative, Accounting Aid Society. 

For the second year in a row we have been able to give back to some inspiring organizations that are tacking these important concerns head on. Our 2017 recipients include; Alternatives for Girls, First Step of Michigan, The Empowerment Plan, and Sweet Dreamzzz. These established charities go about their mission regardless of the political “noise” or economic conditions and remain focused on improving the lives of everyone they encounter. They are constantly battling too few resources, not enough time and too many in need so while our industry is conditioned to view a great task chair as a necessity; these tireless workers view it as a luxury. Already scarce resources are focused on supporting the mission and quality office furnishings usually don’t hold a priority in an already tight budget. This is our way to give back to these amazing organizations in a way that will positively impact them for years to come.

We received over 600 nominations for 29 organizations during the month of November which moved us greatly. Learning more about them from the workers on the front lines or individuals whose lives have been impacted by them has been a truly moving experience for us all. In the coming months we’ll share more information about the 2017 recipients and their new chairs but in the meantime please take a moment to learn more about what these wonderful organizations do every day and read some of the nominations we received.

Alternatives for Girls

Alternatives for Girls (AFG) helps homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation through a variety of programs.

“…I know that many of the chairs could use an upgrade! The staff works tirelessly and often thanklessly and could really benefit from winning these chairs. Thanks for making this possible.”

“We operate on a very lean budget and we rarely have the funding available to purchase new furniture. It would be an incredible gift for our staff to receive these beautiful chairs!”

“…Please help AFG they deserve to be helped because they have an immense effect on the metro Detroit community in helping the most vulnerable of populations and underserved…”

The Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan is focused on permanently elevating families out of the cycle of homelessness by employing single parents from local shelters. Those individuals make coats that transform into sleeping bags and are distributed out to the homeless community.

“The Empowerment Plan has a goal to employ, educate, motivate, and empower all of those who come through their doors. The Empowerment Plan is more than a job it’s the beginning of a brand-new life style.”

“These ladies sit and sew all day...they need the best chairs!”

First Step of Michigan

First Step of Michigan’s mission is to eliminate both domestic and sexual violence and provide services to those affected by these crimes. They work tirelessly in a women’s shelter and 24/7 crisis center.

Many of our chairs are/were uncomfortable and lack the ability to adjust height, back support and such. We also have several "office supply store chairs" that frankly, do not "cut the mustard" for durability, comfort or adjust-ability.”

“First Step does so much for their clients it would be nice to do something nice for the staff. What an appropriate way to show them how much they are valued.”

“They deserve these chairs for their hard work. They literally save lives every day.”

Sweet Dreamzzz

Sweet Dreamzzz is committed to improving children’s health and well-being by providing sleep education and bedtime essentials to disadvantaged students.

“We currently have old chairs that are weathered and cause havoc on our backs.”

“We are a very stream-lined organization with efficiency and service being two top values. We also are very frugal with our funding and have begged, borrowed, and adopted office chairs for our staff. Health is such an important part of our mission and to have new office chairs that would better serve our staff would be a huge gift. We could really some proper seating for our team!”