International Day of Happiness

Next week Wednesday, March 20th the world is invited to join the movement to create a happier place with the celebration of International Day of Happiness. We know the importance of happiness, I mean, who doesn’t want to be happy? There are dozens of statistics out there which show its benefits. While virtually every category of our personal and professional lives can be improved with happiness, reading about it probably won’t make us any happier (for those who came looking for a research study, Haworth put together an interactive page focusing on happiness which you can read here).

Therefore, this post hopes to create happiness in a different form. We get bogged down during the day with situations that put us in an unhappy state – the guy who cut you off on your drive into work, or the lady who talked over you in the meeting, or the client requesting too many last-minute requests. These situations (and plenty more) can take direct aim at our happiness level. When this happens, I hope you keep this post in your back pocket where I curated a selection of images which exude all things happy. So next time so-and-so does this, that, or the other, you can pull this up and start grinning ear to ear.

Do you have something you’d like to add to this list? Maybe a photo, song, or memory? Share with us in the comments and we’ll share them with our followers on International Day of Happiness!

Remember, happiness is an inside job. Enjoy!