How to incorporate graphics in the workplace

When designing your office, it’s important for your workspace to reflect your brand. Using graphics, color, and brand-specific elements in your office interior can help communicate your company’s core beliefs, mission, and purpose to employees and clients – and make a BIG statement.

Use graphics to:

  • Make an impact 

Use bold graphics to tell a story and make employees and clients excited and engaged. We incorporated this massive wall graphic into the office design for Fox Sports Detroit, who wanted to make a big statement right where athletes walk in to the office. A huge graphic can go a long way and offer a big bang for the buck within a workspace!

To see more images from this project, click  here

To see more images from this project, click here

  • Show your company’s personality

Make your office an enjoyable space to be in by reflecting the personality of the employees that work there. We’re dog lovers at ISCG, so we incorporated images of dogs and motivational messages to show who we are, and that we have a lot of love for pets! The images make it a positive space for employees and make our clients smile.

  • Solve a problem

While graphics in the workplace can simply be for style, they can also serve as a solution. We have a huge wall at ISCG where we could have installed a projector screen, but instead, we created a massive graphic that highlights our space plan and shows what we do, but also has a circle in the center where we project images and presentations. The graphic is colorful and interesting, but most importantly, functional.

Working in a unique, dynamic space can have positive impact on productivity, and office branding can be an extension of client marketing. Employees will be fully engaged in a fun office atmosphere, and clients will talk about your space long after visiting. Interested in making an investment in graphics? Contact ISCG for innovative ideas on office branding – we’d love to help! 

Design, PeopleMary Jo Warner