Holiday Hangover: Five Tips to Ease the Transition

Returning to work after the holidays can feel like a real struggle. You’ve likely had at least a few days off work, spent time with family or friends and probably indulged in some less-than-nutritious food. The thought of hunkering down at your desk to respond to client and co-worker needs might have you shaking in your bunny slippers but fear not! We have 5 tips to help you ease the transition from pjs to power suits.

“Embrace The Blues”

The post-holiday return to work blues are a real thing and the negative emotions surrounding the end of the holiday season can have a psychological and physical effect on our bodies. Irregular sleeping patterns and a high caloric, often sugar filled, diet can throw our bodies into what’s known as “social jet lag”. This can manifest in symptoms like feeling sluggish, struggling to sleep, indigestion, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, clumsiness and general fatigue. Being aware that these are real symptoms and that you are not alone in experiencing them can be the first step in manifesting a successful return to the work world

Get Organized The Night Before

Give yourself at least a couple of hours the night before returning to work to get yourself organized for the next day. Take a look at your calendar so that you can mentally prepare for any upcoming tasks that may have slipped your mind. Choose your clothes for the next day, plan our pre-prepare a nutritious breakfast and/or lunch and go to bed early. Hopefully you will have some time leftover to just chill and clear your mind, setting yourself up for a great first day back.

Do The Easy Stuff First

Now that you’re physically back in the office, the site of your inbox might be giving you heart palpitations. Take a deep breathe and attack it in a methodical manner that will make it feel much more do-able. First go through your inbox and delete anything that you can and clean out emails that do not require a response. Doing an easy task will give you a sense of momentum that can help carry you through your more difficult tasks. Put the harder items, the ones that will take some thinking or require more devoted attention, in a to-do list. Don’t reply to any of them quite yet. Get organized by writing them all down so that you can prioritize your responses in a manner that will help keep that momentum going.

Change Your Sitting Position

Did you know that changing your posture can send subtle psychological signals to your brain that something is different? If you start to feel a slump, try changing your posture. Place your feet flat on the floor and lean forward slightly. If you have the ability, raise your desk to a standing height for a while to switch things up. Also, try taking a quick lap around your office to get your legs moving and the blood flowing. Better yet, talk to us about investing in a new ergonomic take chair that you don’t need a break from.

Enjoy Yourself!

Try adding a little extra fun to your week and give yourself something to look forward to. Schedule a lunch date or two with friends. You can also download a new podcast or audiobook. Anything that gives you a little extra joy.

Good luck as you embrace the new year!