Higher Education Products We Love

Fall is officially here, and as the leaves change many young and old people are returning to the classroom. In our 42 years of existence we can attest to the fact that the workplace has changed drastically; but the classroom may have changed even more. Gone are the days of simple chairs, desks and blackboards. Colleges and Universities want to not only improve student learning and engagement, but they want to attract students to a dynamic and fun space. Today’s average incoming freshmen, a Gen Z individual, has grown up with a specific set of standards they expect from their learning environment. So as the young, hip kids say: We have all the tea on how to make your higher education space a GOAT.

Keep it Innovative: Last week Director of Finance and Operations, Angelica, outlined the benefits of Bluescape but the collaboration platform has also shown to benefit students as well. Watch as professors and students from Grand Valley State University highlight the collaborative benefits of Bluescape below:

Keep it Fun: It’s okay to think outside of the box, like University of Michigan did when they elected for these beautiful captain’s chairs from Eustis Chair, based in Massachusetts. These chairs are not only made right here in the USA, but they are also extremely durable to stand up to the constant use by students.  Other fun seating options include SixInch Poufs and Haworth Window Seat. Not only are these designs eye catching but they also come in an array of colors to make them fit the space or brand. Incorporating color when you can is just as important as the style and design of a space; just like encouraging little minds, big minds can be influenced by colors.

Keep it Clean: Kids of all sizes and ages are messy! The last thing you want to do is ruin brand new furniture with unsightly stains. Using stain-repellant fabrics like Crypton, or fabric treatments like Alta helps keep your fabrics looking their best. Crypon is fabric company based in Michigan which creates high-performance textiles for use in both commercial and residential settings. It’s able to stand up to heavy wear and tear and whatever messes life has to offer. Alta, from Applied Textiles, is a fabric treatment option available on countless fabrics – even on the most delicate! Depending on the application, Alta can not only provide a barrier and repellency but can also add antimicrobial and flame resistance.

Keep it Flexible: Real estate is at a premium no matter what sector you’re in. It’s imperative to have multifunctional, flexible spaces. Furniture with casters, or wheels, allow it to be ultra-flexible and move where you need it. Luckily, many of our manufacturers can add casters on virtually anything, allowing you to customize your space when you need it. Need to stay organized? Nestable tables and chairs are a great way to stay organized within your flexible spaces.

Keep it Connected:  Students today are connected in more ways than we know. They use technology to collaborate and learn and those technology pieces use a lot of juice. We cannot stress enough incorporating power and data throughout your furniture. Today’s designs easily have power and data so students can charge their smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever device they are utilizing to make the most of their learning experience.  


Interested in any of these products or features? Give us a call and see how you can create amazing, inspired spaces for the students in your life.