My Top 9 for 2019: Haworth x Buzzispace

2019 is here! A new year full of new design ideas and new product line collaborations!

One of my favorite new year collaborations is the addition of select Buzzispace products to the Haworth Collection!

For those of you in the crowd who may have never heard of Buzzispace, what makes their product brand unique is their commitment to “creating acoustic solutions, furniture, and lighting products that accommodate the demands of the changing workplace.” [Source] Emphasis on acoustics as we are all aware that sound privacy is an important need in today’s open office plans.

While “Buzzi” (as us designers like to abbreviate) is still an open line, we now have select products available to source through your local Haworth dealerships! Out of the 51 available products, I’ve chosen my 9 favorites that I feel celebrates good design and acoustical properties to compliment the today’s commercial office spaces.

This iconic BuzziLight fixture brings a sense of oriental flair and detail in one color of BuzziFelt! It offers not only a striking light statement, but also offers a soft LED light glow and soft sound thanks to the acoustical felt.

Another personal favorite of Buzzi’s light fixtures, the BuzziShade comes in both small and large sizes to help buffer sound and provide LED lighting to compliment open or meeting spaces. I love the simplicty of the cross-stitch detailing.

Is your open office feeling too open? Try these acoustical freestanding room dividers covered in Buzzifelt that can rotate to be opened or closed with a simple twist to create privacy or open up a space.

The BuzziMirage is a super fun mirror that creates the illusion of false perspective and fake shadow! In sizes large or small, they can be placed to brighten up spaces and create the illusion of a window with the bonus funcion of having a tray ledge.

Who doesn’t love a good pouf for extra seating or lounge areas? The BuzziCube is made out of sound absorbing 3D foam that can be covered in variety of fabrics and come in a flat or tufted design.

Yes, this is the “acoustic cocoon” you were looking for. This wall hung hood can be installed anywhere to help answer phones amidst noisy surroundings. Great for high traffic or focus areas.

This outdoor inspired design brings the picnic in the office! I love that it comes in both round and rectangular shapes and has the option to be paired with benches, stools, or standard office chairs.

Rustic meets modern in this sturdy little stool with a cushion top that evokes a sense of warmth and modern simplicity for your ancillary or meeting seating.

Customizable wall skin to accent a wall and enhance room acoustics - it’s a win-win! I love that it also allows you to bring a sense of nature inside to evoke a connection to the outside world while working that 9 to 5 inside.

As always, give us a ‘buzz’ if you’d like to learn more about any of these products!