Fueling Creative Inspiration

I am constantly amazed at the onslaught of great design material being posted every day.  Frankly, it’s hard to keep up on.  Often, when I start to indulge, I find myself linking from blog-to-blog and website-to-website and the next thing you know, I’ve lost hours in my day!

I’ve assembled a list of a few my favorite sites for design inspiration.  Some tie in directly to what we do here at ISCG and some just provide the fuel I need to keep my creative energy burning.  I hope you find something new here to enjoy!


This site is a wonderful resource when looking for new ideas or when working with clients to try define a particular aesthetic they might be after.  A vast inventory of photo collections are posted on a range of projects and these are indexed by industry, area type, features, materials, etc. making this an invaluable research tool.  Along with industry articles, there is also a nice library of products including links to manufacturers websites.  Because this content is so relevant to the work we do here, I find myself hitting this website almost daily.


From its inception, Pinterest has been a brilliant resource for those seeking creative inspiration on a myriad of topics.  From cooking to crafting, home décor and beyond, the ideas found here can keeping you leaping from page-to-page and topic-to-topic.  Over the years, many brands have realized how beneficial it can be to cultivate a presence on this platform as many designers regularly use Pinterest to draw inspiration or find new resources beyond typical Google search results - ISCG included! Be sure to follow our new Pinterest account for the latest design inspiration.


Design Milk is an online magazine whose content runs the gamut from architecture & interior design to fashion & technology and beyond.  In their own words ”Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world.”  An appreciation for all things creative is evident on each feature page and this makes this site one I come back to again and again.


Carla Aston is my go-to when I’m looking for a little “home”-style inspiration (pun intended).  I love her fresh, comfortable, livable style – simple yet sophisticated.  I am constantly impressed with her confident solutions to everyday design dilemmas such as decorating above the cabinets and where to end a tile backsplash.  When you start to delve into past blog posts, it is apparent that the design direction she provides puts people on the right path.  Probably because this has been so successful, she now offers remote consults for fee – brilliant & so helpful!  I also like the fact that she is often working around some existing element that needs to remain, yet she always seems to come up with a solution that looks fresh and new. I admire her willingness to share her knowledge and thought process as she takes the mystery out of why we like the way a room feels and looks. 


I’ve featured design-seeds on my blog posts more than once.  From the beautiful photographs to the stunning color schemes that materialize out of them, Jessica Colaluca never disappoints.  And I know I’m not alone when I see her images pop up over and over on my Pinterest feed.  If you are a color enthusiast, this is the site for you!


My friend Kate, who is in marketing & publishing, turned me on to this one and I cannot thank her enough.  Covering a wide range of disciplines and products, there is always something here to pique my interest.  The ingenuity spilling across these pages and spanning across many different fields makes me humble yet proud to be in a creative field.  Even five minutes on this site reinvigorates me.

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