Employee Spotlight: Angelica Nolff

This week’s Employee Spotlight is on Angelica Nolff. Angelica’s formal title at ISCG is the Director of Operations and Finance, but her work is multifaceted and includes overseeing Client Services. Angelica lives in Clinton Township with her husband Rick, and their cute little pup Malley. She enjoys boating and camping with her family during the summer months, as well as watching NASCAR.

Angelica and her husband love boating!

Angelica and her husband love boating!

Keep an eye out for Malley; he occasionally tags along with Angelica to work! 

Keep an eye out for Malley; he occasionally tags along with Angelica to work! 

1.      How long have you worked at ISCG and what is your favorite part about working here?

I have been at ISCG for four years now.  My favorite part about working here is the people.  I love that I get to work with everyone and see how passionate and dedicated they are about their work.

2.      Explain what you do at ISCG in 10 words or less.

A little bit of everything.

3.      What is your favorite part about overseeing Client Services? Why?

Client Services is a very integral part to the success of our business.  I enjoy watching the team overcome issues with manufacturers so that the end result is a satisfied customer.  

4.      What do you like most about accounting and finance?

I like that accounting is very straight forward and if the numbers don’t balance you know you made a mistake and you can go back and find it.

5.      What is your dream boat? Why?

Ferretti Altura 840.  Why you ask?  Why not?  It’s amazing!

Angelica's dream boat!

Angelica's dream boat!

6.      Where is your favorite spot on Lake St. Clair? Why?

Usually my favorite spot on Lake St. Clair is anywhere it is calm…which is rare.  I do love Strawberry Island because of the soft sandy bottom and the restaurant Island Grill for the amazing view of Anchor Bay.

7.      Aside from on the lake, where could we find you on a Saturday?

My parent’s house.  I grew up out in Almont, MI and my parents still live out there.  I try to find a way to at least see them twice a month. Of course Malley always tags along so he can go swimming in the pool or on a go-kart or snowmobile ride with grandpa.

8.      What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  I enjoy watching the fireworks and being outdoors.

9.      If you were one of the products that ISCG supplies, what would you be and why?

I would be a Fern chair because I’m able to accommodate everyone.

The Fern features a unique design that works with you, not against you, so you can be your most productive self. We couldn't agree more that Angelica would be a Fern! Learn more about the Fern here

10.   What is one fact about you that may surprise our blog readers?

I was never on a boat bigger than a row boat until Rick and I bought our first boat together in 2008.


Stay tuned for future Employee Spotlight editions to learn all about our fabulous team!


Evie Ramirez