Embrace the Greenspace

I think I can speak for everyone when I say, “Everybody loves summer in Michigan!” Getting to spend time outdoors, the fresh air, and let’s not forget the extended hours of sunlight all positively impact our moods. One potential negative is that we spend most of our summer days working inside the office admiring nature through the windows.

Not so fast! Gone are the days of the 1980’s silk ferns and faux plants cluttering office corners. Embracing greenspace is a new trend that is taking the commercial design industry by storm and is also known as 'biophilia'. Here are a few ways you can make your inside, feel like outside.

Incorporate planters into your office space. This could be a simple as putting a small plant on your desk. Others like to incorporate planters at a larger scale. OFS sells commercial planters that look great in any space:

If you’re really looking to take it up a notch, check out the Nevins approach to biophilic design by utilizing their Bio Canvas and Living Leaf Walls. Not only do they add an element of nature, they clean the air and have excellent acoustical properties to help absorb sound throughout the office space.

If live plants aren’t your thing, you can still achieve the outdoor feeling inside by updating your floorcovering. Interface has a line of carpet tiles that mimic an outdoor mossy patio. This can upgrade the look and feel of any space.

But of course, the best way to embrace the greenspace is to get outside! Having an outdoor space to work not only lowers stress levels and blood pressure, it can increase productivity, focus, and creativity. If you want help creating your own source of traqiility and productivity, give us a call, in the meantime check out a few of these incredible greenspaces: