Eight Ways to Recharge During the Holidays

Many of you are currently enjoying some much-needed time off before 2018 officially hits. We’d like to remind you that self-care is imperative even during a stressful holiday season. Self-care? With mental health becoming a focal point lately the buzz phrase of ‘self-care’ has been making headlines. PsychCentral defines self-care as “any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.”

What better way to make use of some time off than to practice some self-care to leave you recharged, refreshed and ready to tackle whatever 2018 has to bring.

1.      Unplug. Research has found that unplugging from technology – specifically work related – left participants feeling refreshed and feeling less ‘burned-out’ than those who continually were connected while away from work. If your position allows it, resist checking your email for at least a day to truly take a break.

2.      Reflect. It’s so easy in an era of social media to get a serious case of FOMO, and take for granted all the good things that you’ve experienced this year. Take a few moments to jot down some of the great things that happened to you or that you’ve done for others over the past year.

3.      Rest. This one sounds pretty obvious but make a conscious effort to truly relax. Sleep late, take a nap, finally use that Groupon for a full body massage. Whatever it is that relaxes you take some time to do it.

4.      Donate Unneeded/Unused Items. Get that last-minute tax deduction by donating to local organizations that collect unwanted items like the Salvation Army, Purple Heart or Vietnam Veterans. Plus, there are proven psychological benefits of getting rid of the clutter and starting the year a-new.  

5.      Volunteer. Spend some of this extra ‘me-time’ to volunteer. Reach out to your church, local soup kitchen, or veterans organization. Giving back for as little as 10 days has been found to increase life satisfaction and spreading kindness has been proven to have a ripple effect inspiring friends and family.   

6.      #TreatYoSelf – Buy some luxurious bubble bath, get a manicure/pedicure, enjoy an indulgent meal – whatever makes you happy and out of the ordinary to break up daily routines.

7.      Spend time with family and friends. Psychology Today says that social interactions are the key to personal happiness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be family, but make sure to spend some quality time with those around you to help you start the new year happy and grounded. Luckily during the holiday season there are plenty of things you can do with family and friends like checking out the new exhibit D-Cyphered at the Detroit Institute of Arts – plus admission is free for residents of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County.

8.      Think about your personal and or professional goals for the new year. Come up with SMART goals, write them down, and create an action plan. Having clear-cut goals for the year and a plan of attack will help you approach 2018 with motivation and enthusiasm.

Let us know in the comments any ways that you’re going to recharge before the new year. Keep in mind that self-care is not forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy just because you think you should. Be sure to enjoy whatever time you’re able to take in whatever way that makes you happy. Lastly, to those who celebrate we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas.