DIY Solid Surface & Other Faux Trends You’ll Lose Your Marbles Over!

In March, I was lucky enough to purchase my first home. It’s a lovely little condo in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood of Detroit. It’s the most perfect starter home for my fiancé and I but it surely needs a bit of updating.

One major upgrade we knew we would want to invest in is upgrading the counter tops in all three bathrooms and the kitchen.  With a wedding date creeping ever closer and expenses at an all time high, we quickly realized that the cost of replacing the laminate with a solid surface was simply not in the budget at this time. With the ugly green, black and beige laminates staring me in the face, I knew I had to figure something out. Enter - Giani Countertop Paint Kits!

I first saw the Giani kits in action on my friend’s Facebook page. She shared an update of her DIY kitchen and I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked! I’ve seen laminate countertop paint kits before and I’ve always thought they look like you took out a can of paint and painted over the laminate. Giani is different. The applications I saw (through extensive Googling, Pinteresting and Facebook stalking) actually looked like granite and marble!

For our DIY renovation, I chose the White Diamond kit and opted for a marble look. You can use the kit to create a marble or granite finish depending on your personal preference and skill level. It just takes a bit more work and patience for the marble look. The kit comes with everything you need and is a multi-step process so don’t expect to finish this project in one day!

The first and most important step is prep. You’ll want to make sure you clean your surface really well and remove all caulk from the surface where you will be painting. I did this rather easily with a small flat head screw driver.

Once you’re prepped and ready to go, start painting! You start with a black primer and build layers of color with the Greystone, Quartzite and White Limestone paints. I added a layer each of the primer, Greystone and Quartzite. You can tell in my application, I tried to sponge on the paint in a diagonal, leaving a rough outline for my “veining”. The veining is the most tedious but important part in achieving the marble look. If you opt for the granite look, you simply sponge on layers of paint.

Before and After-01.jpg

I did two coats of the White Limestone paint and then added in my veins. To do this, I used a q-tip (because that’s what I had lying around) and the Greystone paint. I would draw a grey vein with my q-tip and then lightly blend it out with a small piece of sponge. I then layered a small amount more of white to make the vein look more natural.

Finally, I added 2 coats of the Glitter Top Coat and voila! The lookDIY Marble I wanted for a FRACTION of the price! This kit will only cost you about $80 and is able to stretch (from what I’ve read) for two bathrooms and a small kitchen!

But don’t just stop at the marble or granite of your dreams inside your home. Solid surface trends are popping up everywhere and have even made their way into the contract furniture world with the rise in popularity of Resimmercial Design. While going for the real deal in your commercial space may not be in the budget, faux surfaces are showing up in our favorite brands at a price we think you’ll love.

What is Resimmercial Design you ask? A design style that brings the style and feel of your home into the workplace. This aesthetic uses commercial quality furniture with residential inspired features to deter from the often standardized feel of corporate furnishings. Check out some of my favorites!


Brittany Dewar