Dogs in the workplace - do or don't?

Meet Malley, CDO (Chief Dog Officer) at ISCG. Malley is a 7-year-old Welsh terrier that loves people and attention. He has a calm and friendly demeanor, and he loves to be in the office.

Everyone has a different opinion on dogs the workplace. Some like it for companionship and a quick head rub to ease the stress of a project deadline, while others think it is distracting. Before you make the call on inviting dogs into the office, let’s explore the benefits and how to make it work.

The Humane Society lists many reasons to bring pets to work: reduced stress levels, improved morale, and increased job satisfaction, to name just a few. Many employees feel calmer at work when they can take a little break to give Fido a quick pat on the head.

And the benefits extend to our furry friends, too. A dog’s favorite thing is to be with its human. By bringing your dog to work, it helps reduce separation anxiety, and allows your dog to expend some energy instead of sleeping all day.  (A huge plus for Malley since he has lots of energy!)

But before you decide to go dog-friendly, be sure your workplace is safe for pets. It’s not a good idea to bring dogs to work if you work in a loud or dangerous environment, such as a machine shop, construction site, or laboratory. You also need to make sure the environment is set up for a pet.  For example, the workplace should be tiled or have easy-to-remove carpet tiles in case of an accident.   

If bringing dogs to the office makes sense for your business, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  1. Make sure no one has severe pet allergies
  2. Don’t bring dogs in on meeting or appointment days
  3. Pets should be leashed at all times
  4. Be sure your dog is friendly around a lot of people
  5. Take your dog out for bathroom breaks and clean up after your pet 

If going full-time dog-friendly isn’t right for your company, consider only letting one dog in the office per day, or only invite dogs in occasionally (like we do at ISCG). It’s always a treat when Malley or the other dogs come in for the day! No matter what pet-friendly policy you pick, always be respectful, and never misuse the privilege of being able to bring your furry friend to work.



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Angelica Nolff