Design trends we're loving

Hear from ISCG interior designer, Michele, about design trends she's loving right now:

When the Luxe Surfaces Lookbook showed up in our library, I was mesmerized. Featuring beautifully colored organic  designs by Paddy Madden, these customizable murals will instantly add drama to any environment. Best accented by furniture with simple, clean lines and solid, textural surfaces, these breathtaking images will leave a lasting impression.

Haworth’s newest collaborations have resulted in elegant and innovative lighting solutions.  The Contour line features sculptural extruded aluminum frames with fabric or hardwood interiors, dimmable LED illumination, and on the table version, the option of USB charging. Constructed of spun aluminum with radiant brass interiors, the Swell line of LED pendants can be suspended individually or mixed & matched to create interest. Additionally, they can be daisy-chained together for a playful effect, drawing power from a single source. 

Designed to support a more casual work style, Pairings by Kimball Office offers a fresh take on the work-lounge concept. With an impressive breadth of line, Pairings can adapt from a simple sofa to a fully powered mini workstation complete with privacy panels.  The substantial dividing walls, which are available in two heights, provide a means of establishing separate zones while also channeling power solutions.  This series offers a full gamut of options including tablet and technology arms, coordinating occasional tables, and power solutions in arm, seat, & dividers walls.

FilzFelt continues to excel in innovative acoustical solutions.  ARO Block is no exception.  Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations, ARO Block is a modular sound softening solution that can be installed wall-to-wall or in targeted areas to provide color & texture. In addition, the production of ARO Block utilizes remnant felt from other FilzFelt products making it a green solution.  Promoted as a customizable modular solution that is easy to install, the question beckons, why not try it? 


According to Vitra’s website - “the computer-related term 'hack' was coined in the late 1950s at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It describes a clever and resourceful solution devised by a hacker. A typical hack is quickly executed and often inelegant, but highly effective.”  This perfectly describes the Hack product line by Vitra.  Unfolded out of a flat box, the Hack unit is a practical, flexible solution designed to address the challenge of constantly changing needs in today’s environments.  Worksurface heights can be quickly modified and workstations can be repurposed as lounge spaces with the addition of a few cushions.  But beyond it’s ability to adapt, Hack will appeal to clients in search of a raw, urban aesthetic.

There is a constant and ready supply of new fabrics to wow and excite us. Maharam’s “Link” is one of the recent standouts.  It merges the recent trends for houndstooth & plaid culminating in a fresh new take.  This is one of those fabrics where the sheer scale of the design might initially prove intimidating but when applied in the right way can really add some impact to your space.  The visualization tools that many manufacturers offer help us to convince clients to make that leap!



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