Creating a workplace cafe employees will love

When you think of a cafe, what do you imagine? I picture a cozy, home-like atmosphere. I imagine comfortable seating placed around the area with tables and chairs. It's a relaxing environment. 

Now, when you think of a workplace break room, what do you imagine? Maybe it's poorly lit with an old coffee maker in the corner and people standing around a water cooler.

But not anymore.

These days, companies are creating break areas just like the cozy cafe I described. Creating a comfortable break room for your employees has a lot of benefits. It provides a place for employees to eat lunch so they can get away from their desk for a short time, and it also allows employees to meet up and catch up with their co-workers in a common space. Workplace cafes can also be a great place for employees to work when they need a change of scenery to boost creativity and productivity. 

Here are some ways to create a break area employees will love:

Provide extras

A little extra goes a long way. Supply snacks, coffee, teas, etc. for employees who need a pick-me-up. According to a survey by grocery-delivery service Peapod, companies that provide free food have happier employees compared with those who don't get to chow down on their employer's dime. Provide other conveniences, too, such as condiments for lunch and mugs and other dishware.

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Make it comfortable

When you're choosing furniture and finishes for your break area, imagine you're creating a coffee shop. Provide tables and chairs where employees can eat or work. Create lounge areas where employees can hold a casual meeting. And choose finishes that are easy to keep clean, keeping in mind appropriate flooring, countertops, etc.

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Enable technology

These days, people expect technology at their fingertips. Give employees another place to work besides their desk by providing the technology they need. There are countless furniture options that supply power so people can charge their laptop, tablet, or phone. You could also include other tech like TVs so people can watch their favorite sport or catch the news to catch up on the day’s events.

Creating a nice break area will give your employees a comfortable place to retreat to, and will help keep them happy at work. Let ISCG help you create a workplace cafe that your employees will love!

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