Covering Your Walls Beyond Paint

When most people think of walls they think of paint, but with so many other great options on the market why stop there? Let’s look at five alternatives that add a punch of interest from environmentally friendly products to easy maintenance and install.


Forget the carpet-on-the-wall look; today’s acoustic wall options include on-trend felt looks and bold colors. Kirei’s Echopanel tiles give you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of tile shapes, pattern options, and colors to make the look all yours. Incredibly easy installation means sound absorption can be completed in a (literal) snap and new looks achieved within hours. Plus, it has an awesome cradle-to-cradle story which makes it super easy to recycle after use.


If you’re bogged down with thoughts of scrolling wallflowers – don’t be. Today’s wallcoverings range from grungy painted metallic to large scale abstract prints and even hologram patterns which dramatically set the tone of a space. If you can’t find exactly what you’re after multiple companies like Koroseal and HD Walls offer digital wallcovering solutions for a truly custom design. Besides getting the exact look you want, digital is also a great way to incorporate branding into your space.  Remember too that wallcoverings are a great option for high traffic areas where they can generally last three times longer than paint and are much better at hiding wall imperfections.

Dimension Walls

If you’re looking to add depth and interest to your walls this is the way to go. Dimensioned walls will literally make your walls pop off the substrate by creating a seamless sculpted surface. ModularArts and MDC offer a large range of pattern options to choose from which ship in convenient blocks that fit nicely together for an accurate installation. Rest assured this high impact resistant material will insure your walls stand up to any hits you put on it.


Stone has become an increasingly popular choice for walls. The virtually zero maintenance material comes in a wide assortment of colors, cuts, and sizes. Realstone Systems offers a thin cut veneer stone that fits together like a large scale puzzle for a no brainer installation. You can feel good knowing the product is made by using stone discards from quarries that would normally become waste by-product. If that’s not enough, they’re also a local company based right here in Metro Detroit.


If the thought of dated wood paneling fills your head, it’s time to dispel those notions. Like stone, this natural material is making a comeback in a big way. No carpenter skills are required to get the look either. If you’re ready to hop on the bandwagon, Stikwood may become your new favorite product with its easy peel and stick application. Plus, the wood is reclaimed and sustainably sourced from locations within the U.S. for the environmentally conscious folks out there.

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Sarah Brooks