Commercial Design Industry FAQ’s

When considering hiring a commercial design firm to help with your project, it’s important to invest in quality commercial products that will stand the test of time for decades to come. Knowing where to start can be tricky because it often involves more than simply choosing a chair out of a catalog. All of us at ISCG strive to educate our clients on the importance of utilizing quality contract furniture and finishes and the value it can bring to your space. Read below for common questions and answers about the commercial design industry you may be wondering about.

What is contract furniture?

Contract furniture is a term used by our industry for products designed, tested, and manufactured to certain quality standards in order to best meet the needs of the sometimes harsh environments found in commercial settings. Contract furniture can be found in a variety of locations most notably offices, schools, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. Virtually any public space you visit is a prime location for contract quality products.

Can contract furniture be attractive?

Of course it can! That’s what I love about this industry! We represent hundreds of manufacturers with thousands of products. From traditional wood office furniture to private lounge seating with built-in technology, we have it all. Many products are tailored-made with your specific features and finishes for a custom look. Whatever style or mood you are trying to set, we can probably find you something to suit your taste.

What if I like the look of residential furniture better?

There has been a recent trend in commercial design to add residential feeling spaces to the workplace. This blend of spaces has been called “resi-mercial design”. Many of the contract furniture manufacturers have begun designing and manufacturing products that give the feeling of home, however they have the same strict quality and testing standards that contract furniture requires.

How does the cost of contract furniture compare to residential furniture?

Unlike residential furniture, pricing starts with a “list” price, which is then discounted based on the project size and available contracts, such as the State of Michigan MIDeal Contract.  Don’t let the price guides online scare you, discounts can be 50% off or more! By representing more than 100 manufactures with varying price points, your budget can be met!

Who are some of the major manufacturers ISCG represents?

While many contract furniture dealerships are aligned with a major manufacturer like Haworth, we also represent hundreds of other manufacturers as well. Here’s a short list of manufactures to check out:

When should I reach out to a commercial design firm?

It is important to meet with us as early in the process as possible. Working with a professional interior design firm will not only help create the vision you have for your space, but we can also help you understand your budget and utilize our resource of contractors, architects, and installers to help manage your project from beginning to end. We can also help gather programming details, create space plans, furniture and flooring plans, and select all interior finishes including lighting, signage, paint, graphics, wall covering, sound masking, demountable walls, and ergonomic tools. Our renderings will help you envision your space before anything is purchased!

As always, feel free to contact us to start a conversation about your project!

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