Collaborate with no Limits with Bluescape

Collaboration is imperative for innovation to occur, but how can we expect to collaborate effectively if a staggering 43% of Americans report working remotely?  This statistic is rising approximately one percent per year; we are even seeing this trend among our client base as more and more of our clients are looking for a smaller real estate footprint. We talk a lot about innovation and collaboration, but a frequent rebuttal is “How do we expect to foster collaboration if a team is not able to be in the same room?”


Let me introduce you to Bluescape. Bluescape is many things, but at it’s core it is a technology platform with a sole purpose to drive collaboration.  Bluescape is also described as “an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime.” In laymen’s terms: it’s a giant digital tack board in which you can organize ideas, proposals, concepts and more. Think you may run out of space? That’s unlikely as each workspace has approximately 160 acres of digital space.  Worried that some of your team is not technically savvy? No worries, Bluescape is very user-friendly think of it as a blank canvas for you to create your own unique masterpiece on. 

Bluescape also understands the importance of keeping your workspace safe and secure.  Bluescape uses SSO to allow users to define authentication requirements to match their internal policies.  Data is encrypted in-transit and at rest and access to data is controlled through role based authorization access.

With Bluescape, individuals can collaborate in real time on the same items. You can access Bluescape workspaces on any device anywhere with an internet connection. While there are no specific applications to unitize, simply logging in with Google Chrome will allow you to participate and collaborate with your team or customer(s). There is no limit to how many people can be logged into once Workspace, you can have one, two or thirty people all looking at the same thing. 

16097_HW_Executive Offices_671.jpg

Not only can you upload and access all Microsoft Suite software, you can access internet browsers, videos, and Adobe PDFs, but you can also screen-share and video conference.

Many of the publications of Bluescape have it featured on a gigantic, wall of screens but that’s not necessary for the software to do its magic. At our showroom we only have a modest 84” touchscreen for group collaboration and presentations; otherwise we access it on our desktops and mobile devices, as do our clients when working on a specific project.  We have implemented the use of Bluescape across all departments of ISCG.  We have successfully used it on projects of all sizes from a 200,000 square foot building to a one floor reconfiguration of existing furniture. Clients response has been very positive as they love that they only need to click on one link to access all the information for their project.

Data today is suggesting that while remote work has it’s drawbacks, remote teams actually collaborate more than those within the same office. This is because they dive right in to the task at hand, and their collaboration is a conscious effort versus an organic approach. Bluescape, and other communication tools like it, help keep productivity and collaboration high to achieve the innovation desperately needed to outperform the competition.

Interested in learning more about Bluescape and how it can enhance the collaboration and productivity of your team? Give us a call!

Angelica Nolff