Chairs for every trend

Furniture design changes with the times, adjusting to trends and even helping to shape them. Check out some of the current trends in workplace design and find the perfect chair for each.

THE TREND: Traditional commercial offices feel residential

Haworth: Poppy Chair
As workstyles flex and change, so do expectations about work environments. Poppy embodies the welcoming aura of residential comfort and warmth people are looking for. 

Kimball Office: Bloom Chair
Boasting graceful curves and refined shaping, Bloom offers an attractive setting to sit down, share ideas, or simply relax. 

THE TREND: Health & Wellness

Haworth: Fern Chair
Fern accommodates the diverse working population with new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. Research-driven, Fern’s ergonomic innovations provide total back support and respond to your every movement. 

Haworth: Planes Height-Adjustable Table
Sit less with Planes. Technology and the need for collaboration drive people to work anywhere, in a variety of postures. Adjustable furnishings that support their ergonomic needs - like height-adjustable tables - help people feel and perform their best. 

THE TREND: Mobility & Flexibility

Arcadia: Flirt Chair
Flirt’s broad offering of multi-use, reconfigurable products enable the maximization of different settings, inspiring and supporting the work at hand. Flirt changes and adapts to the needs at any given moment. 

Haworth: Hello Mini Mobile
The mobile lounge has a circular shape that embraces you in comfort while the swivel base maneuvers with the agility of a task chair. 

THE TREND: Comfortable collaboration spaces

Kimball Office: Villa Collection
Villa is a modular lounge collection equipped to support a variety of individual or group activities. It can be arranged in endless configurations or used in freestanding arrangements. 

Haworth: Chick Pouf
Inviting and approachable, the Chick pouf envelops you in comfort. Keep the back up for a cozy, eggshell-like nook. Flip it down and the Chick pouf becomes an ottoman or a catch-all surface for work tools and personal items. 


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