Back to School: Our Favorite Products for Students

The month of September means for most students that the end of their summer is here, as they transition their routine to head into a new school year.  Here at ISCG, we take the time to research the latest and greatest products out there, so we can inspire students to feel motivated in an educational setting.  Here are just a few examples of some interesting new products we’ve seen for educational facilities: 

Designtex, Playdate

Designtex recently created Play Date, which creates a real-world application to positive distractions. Play Date is a two-part wall system that incorporates a ferrous wall system with repositionable magnet shapes that can be moved anywhere about the three available grid types. The wall covering is also finished with dry-erase materials to allow it to be drawn on as well.

Originally created for healthcare settings, Play Date being increasingly popular among relaxation, play rooms and as wayfinding in business environments.

Versteel, The Maker Project

A big trend right now is industrial/rustic/urban design.  A New product from Versteel called the Maker Project fits this design trend with the large industrial casters on the work tables and mobile marker boards.  The legs on all of these components are all very industrial looking.  The reason why we’d recommend this product line for an educational setting is primarily because the design of this product is very robust and rigid.  It is well constructed, and meant for heavy duty type applications, perfect for students! 


National, Kozmic Collaborative Collection

When we think of education design, our first thoughts may direct us to strictly the classroom setting and the products there.  While that is where students spend a lot of their day, they may also spend a few hours in the school’s library, or if they are in college maybe they spend time in a student lounge area to study and relax.  National has a new lounge furniture collection that fits perfectly into these type of applications as it is very customizable, and suitable for people to work differently within close proximity.  The product easily allows you to plug in a laptop and just sit down and work, or meet together with a few people to discuss some ideas.  It is very versatile, comfortable, and durable.

Kozmic 2.jpg

Kimball Guide, Dock  

Kimball Office carries some great products perfect for both classroom and collaborative settings as well.  This classroom set up is a bit more informal, allowing for people to work together collaboratively with more of a ‘meeting table’ set up.  The best part about using mobile tables is you can reconfigure them in different ways depending on how the teacher wants the class room set up and if the students focus needs to be on the white boards, or just working together.

Kimball Guide.jpg

J+J Flooring Group, Kinetex

Kinetex by J+J Flooring is a composite flooring product that has proven to be very successful in educational applications.  The product is ordered like a carpet tile, and is available as either a plank or square depending on the pattern.  Kinetex is low reflective, slip resistant floor covering with excellent energy and noise absorbent properties.  This product is also highly durable, is low maintenance, and offers a greater comfort when standing because of its cushion backing instead of a standard carpet backing. 

Danielle Coan